49 Social Media Content Idea Starters

Your lack of good ideas runs out here.

Nick Nolan
3 min readNov 18, 2022


One of my favorite things to share is frameworks and ideas that help people find new ideas.

I’ve found that when I’m struggling to come up with a fresh new content idea, the problem isn’t a lack of ideas. The problem is that there are too many unorganized ideas running around in my mind.

You already know that you should create helpful, inspiring, funny, educational content. Knowing that doesn’t help you discover a new idea.

You need to be a bit more specific.

If I tell you to post something educational, you’ll probably struggle. Not because you don’t have any educational content to share. You have too much of it.

If I tell you to share a list of books people in your industry should read, I bet you could easily come up with a list of 10 books.

That’s educational content. You simply needed to get more specific to unlock the idea.

Here’s a list of 49 idea starters in 8 different content types that can unlock 100s of content ideas. Use these for social media content, your email newsletter, or articles.

Share your story

Share a time you didn’t give up.

Share a moment of epic failure.

Share the first time you did something.

Share a time where everything that could go wrong went wrong.

Share how you started building or doing something from scratch.

Build connections

Share a fun fact.

Share a lesson you’ve learned.

Share a throwback or flashback.

Share an open letter to a group of people.

Share something you’re grateful for.

Share a milestone you’ve reached.

Share a day in the life.

Share a holiday you’re celebrating.

Share a product or business you’re grateful for.

Educational content



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