5 Key Elements From the Best eCommerce Landing Pages

Nick Nolan
5 min readDec 13, 2023
Image via Unsplash+ | @philipsfuture

A few weeks ago, I was building a swipe file of the best landing pages. I looked at 100s of them in all different niches.

Then I went back and looked specifically at the eCommerce pages I added to my swipe file to find any patterns. What are some things all of these pages do to make their landing pages as compelling and convincing as possible?

I found 5 key elements that the best eCommerce landing pages have, either on the homepage or product pages.

1. Show the product is easy to use

People always want the quick fixes.

The easier it appears to use your product, the better. People avoid buying stuff that looks confusing or difficult to use. Making your product appear easy to use reduces the risk for the buyer and increases the perceived value.

AG1 is a perfect example of this:


Sure, you could eat real, heathy, whole foods, or you can just drink a scoop of this once a day.

Simplifying your product also answers your reader’s questions.



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