5 Landing Page Templates for B2B Facebook Ads

Nick Nolan
3 min readFeb 6, 2024
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Creating landing page copy templates has been one of my favorite types of content lately. I received lots of great feedback from the first few, so I’ve been creating a lot more over the past few weeks.

I found this graphic from HubSpot a few months ago, showing that more landing pages = more leads:

Source: blog.hubspot.com

I knew that HubSpot has 100s of landing pages, and has probably tested 1,000s of different pages. I wanted to find some of their best, highest-converting landing pages to inspire some templates you can use.

I went to the Facebook Ad Library and searched for HubSpot.

As a $30+ billion company, they’re probably testing a bunch of different ads all the time. But, they’re also not wasting money on ads that aren’t converting.

I looked at the ads that have been running for at least a few months and clicked on the landing pages.

Three of the landing pages promote a free tool or a guide, and two of them promote a product demo request. You can use these templates for a paid course or low-ticket product, but they’re ideal for B2B business lead gen Facebook ads.

The (oversimplified) funnel looks something like this:

Social Media → Free Lead Magnet → Paid Product

You might assume everyone wants your free lead magnet, because it’s free.

That’s not the case at all.

I created a lead magnet and ran Facebook ads to it for a friend’s business in 2020. I assumed everyone would eagerly click the ad and download it because it was free and helpful. ZERO people downloaded it! One of the reasons for that failure was that I didn’t use a landing page. I’ve learned a lot since then.

Your landing page needs to convince people that your product is worth their time, effort, and email address.

Note: I added additional social proof elements to some of the templates. HubSpot doesn’t need as much social proof, because they’re a well-known publicly traded company. You’ll need the additional social proof — customer…



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