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5 Rules For Creating a Profitable Niche Website

Nick Nolan


Blogging was my first attempt at making money online.

It sort of failed — in the sense that I didn’t make any money doing it — but it was a valuable learning experience.

And I didn’t give up.

I figured out how to pivot and earn a full-time income from my laptop. And no, it’s not as glorious as it sounds.

But, I’ve been fascinated with blogs, writing online, and earning money from a website that you create. It’s pretty cool that you can create something out of nothing, and earn a lot of money doing it.

I’m a big fan of the Niche Pursuits podcast. The podcast hosts interview different people and talk all about their money-making websites. Last week, they interviewed Mike, who earns $20k per month from his website.

I wrote an article laying out the details required to get to that level.

But Mike has been working on that for 2+ years.

What if you’re just getting started?

Today I’ll share 5 rules that you need to follow when you’re building a profitable website. I mean, you don’t need to follow the rules. But I know they’ll help you along the journey.

I tried doing this for two years and made zero progress. So do yourself a favor and follow the rules.

Pick a topic you love

The most common question people ask is, “what’s the most profitable niche?”

I have the answer: the most profitable niche is the one you enjoy the most.

You can create a website about any topic.

Are there some topics that make more money per view? Absolutely. Personal finance is known to be the highest paying topic.

But if you hate writing about finance, you’ll never make $1.

Personal finance is also the topic that requires the most work and you have the lowest chance of succeeding. So for you specifically, personal finance is not the most profitable niche.

It’s likely the least profitable.

Writing about squirrels is probably more profitable than personal finance because it’s less competitive.



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