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60 Ways Kids Can Start Making Money

Nick Nolan
13 min readMay 12, 2021

I love exploring new side hustles and different ways to make money.

One lesson I’ve learned is the earlier you start the better.

I’m not a parent, but I understand the importance of teaching kids how to make money. Teaching children how to work and earn an income will benefit them for the rest of their life.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

When kids start on their entrepreneurial journey, they begin to understand the value of money and learn how to save.

I’ve compiled a huge list of opportunities for kids (and anyone else) to earn extra money. Don’t try to do all of these. Pick one that catches your attention and take action!

Then bookmark this list so if one idea doesn’t work you can try something new.

Please note that many of these ideas will require patience, practice, time commitments, and sometimes an upfront investment. Some jobs can also be done with no investment. We recommend that you make sure it’s something you’ll be passionate about for the long-term before making a big investment of time or money.

How kids can make money at home

We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home the past year. If your kids have extra time at home, they can start one of these money-making ideas!

  1. Host a yard sale: Most people have hundreds of dollars worth of unused stuff lying around. Kids can gather up their old video games, old clothes, toys they don’t play with, and anything else you need to get rid of. They’ll also get some practice counting money and change. Weekends are best to hold yard sales, and kids can make signs to advertise. Also, ask your neighbors to join to attract more buyers.
  2. Yard work: Weeding the garden, watering plants, raking leaves, and planting flowers is a great way to get outside and earn some extra cash. If you enjoy yard work, you can ask your neighbors if they need some help too.
  3. Create art: Many kids have an incredible amount of creativity. If your kids have artistic skills creating art is a great way to generate income. You can sell art online or in-person. The options to create unique pieces of…

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