9 SEO Tips to Rank #1 And Get Paid

Nick Nolan
7 min readJan 27, 2023
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If you’re interested in SEO, I’m sure you’ve read plenty of tips and tricks about how to get your website at the top of the search results.

I’ve shared plenty of those tips before, and I’ll continue to do so.

Today, I want to share tips for ranking your website, and tips that will get you paid. Most of the SEO advice you read is just about getting more traffic. You can rank at the top, get boatloads of traffic, and earn $0.

These 9 tips will help you get more traffic to your website, and convert those visitors into paying customers.

1 Article ≠ 1 Keyword

One of the first things you need to understand is that one website page will rank for multiple keywords.

Each page has a main keyword, but there are 100s of related questions and variations of the keyword that people are searching for.

This matters because when you’re doing keyword research, you usually focus on a single keyword.

Most pages that rank on Page #1 for the primary keyword will also rank on Page #1 for 10–50 additional keywords. I checked one of my recent articles in Google Search Console and it’s gotten impressions for 415 unique keywords.

When you’re only paying attention to a single keyword, you can drastically underestimate the traffic potential of a page.

2. Intent > Volume

This is another mistake that people make — they think getting more traffic is the highest priority.

Unless your website is only making money from display ads, search intent always matters more than search volume.

Search intent is what people are looking for.

When they’re tying something into the Google search bar, what problem are they trying to solve?

When someone searches: “Bike repair shop” we can guess that this person has a bike and they want to take it somewhere to get fixed. If they searched: “Bike chain keeps falling off” we can guess that have a bike with a messed up chain.

The second search doesn’t have clear search intent, because the searcher might be looking for a DIY solution.



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