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I’ve dealt with this far more often than the fear of failure

Are you afraid of success? What does it look like? Is that even possible?

I know people are afraid of failure, but what about fearing success?

A few weeks ago, I realized that I was scared of success.

Terrified, actually.

The fear had caused me to procrastinate and self-sabotage my own business. I was simultaneously desperate to succeed and make money and scared to succeed and make money.

This took me a while to notice, but my self-sabotaging habits started making a lot more sense when I did…

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You can do it for $7 in 20 minutes

There are a few reasons why I think writers don’t write more.

One of those reasons is that they’re unsure of what to write about. I write best when I have a topic that I’m interested in, and something I know others will find educational, entertaining, or inspirational.

When I find the right topic, writing 2,000 words feels almost effortless. When I’m writing about something I have little or no interest in, writing every sentence is a battle.

Here’s a quick guide to how you can use Ahrefs to find hundreds…

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I disagree with 97% of people on this issue

I’m sure you’ve heard people say “Quality > Quantity” when it comes to creating and sharing content.

Recently, I saw a post on LinkedIn asking people what they thought: what’s more important, quality of posts or quantity of posts?

I can’t say that I’m surprised by the poll results:

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When I started my freelance writing journey, I avoided Upwork and Fiverr at all costs. I searched for writing gigs everywhere except for them because I’d heard bad things.

When I took my business full-time, I knew I had to give these platforms a chance, and I’m glad I did. I’ve been active on Upwork for about a year and earned $10,000. Last month I had some extra time and earned $850 in 3 days doing an Upwork writing job.

There are plenty of low-paying gigs, but there are also plenty of opportunities to earn a full-time income.

Here are…

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Why creating content is the key to your success

Have you ever set goals just to give up on them 9 days later? No? Just me?

In July and August, I set a few goals around content creation. I wanted to post regularly (possibly daily) on LinkedIn and Medium. Unfortunately, neither of those happened.

I posted 0 times on Medium in August, and 10 times on LinkedIn. I also wanted to publish 12–15 blog posts and hit publish on 5 posts.

My reality was no where close to the goals I’d just set. I had a lot of reasons for…

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The no-nonsense ways to make quick cash

I read an article on here about making a quick thousand bucks. The story got a whole bunch of claps and showed up at the top of my Medium homepage.

What it didn’t do is tell you how to make $1,000 in a week.

Instead, it shared two ridiculous ways to make a few bucks: online surveys, and cashback rewards. I can assure you that no one is making a quick $1,000 from either of those. The cashback rewards actually required you to spend $3,000 and hope you get 25–30% cashback. …

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How you can become a legit copywriter in one month

If you’re unfamiliar with Gary Halbert, he is a world-renowned marketer and direct-response copywriter.

Gary Halbert is perhaps most famous for the Boron Letters — a series of 25 letters written to his son while imprisoned in Boron Federal Prison for tax fraud. The Boron Letters tell about marketing wisdom, and life lessons Gary learned over the years.

Gary’s son, Bond Halbert, would reportedly go on to become a successful copywriter himself, selling millions of dollars of information products.

Many of Gary Halbert’s letters and emails are available for free…

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Writing headlines is an essential skill if you want people to read your content. If your first line sucks, people won’t read the second or third line.

David Ogilvy is often quoted saying that your headline is $.80 of your dollar.

This is because five times as many people read the first line of your copy. And if the first line is good enough, they’ll keep reading.

You’ll also hear copywriters say that the goal of your first line is to get the readers to the second line. The second line is written to get you to read the third…

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Here’s what online real estate is, and how to invest in it

Investing in real estate has been a dream of mine, but for now, it’s a distant dream. I’ve been hearing about investing in real estate ever since I started learning about making money.

The idea is simple: Buy a house, rent it out to someone else, or list it on Airbnb and VRBO. Then someone else is paying for your mortgage, and pretty soon you’ll own property that’s paying you every month.

Buy more properties. Pay off more mortgages. Build your portfolio.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the…

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…and avoid creator burnout

Since I started my freelance marketing business, I’ve created a TON of content. And, since I wasn’t in a specific niche, I was creating content for ten different industries.

I started out writing one blog per day, for the most part. That helped me ease into the demand.

Once I started managing a few social media pages, the need to create content was becoming increasingly overwhelming.

I was tasked with writing multiple blogs every week, and creating social media posts for 8 different businesses. …

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