A Simple Idea Generation Process That Actually Works

3 easy steps to 100s of ideas

Nick Nolan


Photo by Marcin Jozwiak on Unsplash

If you want to create a lot of interesting content, you need a lot of interesting ideas.

I only end up using about 20% of the ideas I write down. And I try to capture as many ideas as possible, because it makes creating the content much easier.

If I want to write 5 articles, I want to have at least 25 different ideas to choose from. Then I can choose the best, most interesting idea instead of being forced to write the first idea I find. I’ve done that before, and the content ends up being dull and it’s painful to write.

When I get an idea that I love, writing 1,500 words about it is easy.

Where exactly do all the ideas come from?


Social media, Google searches, conversations, direct messages, emails. Ideas are everywhere.

The truth is, if you’re spending time consuming content, you’re probably not running low on ideas. You probably have 100s of different ideas in your mind, but they’re stuck because they’re unorganized — like cars trying to drive all different ways on a road.

Or like this iPhone parking lot game:



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