Canva’s Landing Page That Gets 100,000+ Monthly Visitors

Nick Nolan
5 min readNov 15, 2023
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There’s a race between AI image generators.

Which one can create the best images the fastest, at the lowest cost.

Canva has a huge advantage right now. Their page is ranking #1 for the keyword every AI image tool wants: “ai image generator”

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Ahrefs estimates that “ai image generator” is searched 209,000 times every month. Since the page is ranking #1 and #2 for other big keywords, I’m guessing the page gets ~100,000 monthly visitors.

100,000 monthly visitors means 1,000s of new users and 100s of paying customers every month.

Canva’s other big advantage in this race is the tool is free to use. You need to create an account, but you can generate some AI images with a free account. A good portion of those free accounts will upgrade to unlock the additional image generation and features Canva offers.

The second result I clicked on appeared to be free, but I was immediately bombarded with ads, creating an awful user experience.

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I want to break down Canva’s landing page and share how it’s ranking #1 for the top keyword, and how it’s optimized to convert visitors into Canva users.

Above the fold

This page doesn’t have a creative title.

But, it’s crystal clear and optimized for SEO. Canva wants to rank for “AI image generator” so it’s obvious to include that (but some websites still overlook it).

The valuable details are in the subheading text.

It explains what the tool does: “your words and phrases transform into beautiful images”. There are still a ton of people who have no idea what an AI image generator does. The copy here makes it simple.



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