Creating an Informational Email Course With ChatGPT

Nick Nolan
6 min readMay 23, 2023
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An informational email course can be the most valuable thing you create for your business. This is a great tool to collect leads and teach people about your products and services.

When people visit your website, they’re not ready to buy.

Your visitors may be interested in what you’re offering, but you need to do some work before they’re ready to make a purchase. You need to build trust and show people why they need to buy what you’re selling.

eBooks are the typical go-to lead magnet. Lots of people download them, but I’d guess a tiny fraction of people are reading the content.

An informational email course is similar to an eBook, broken up into smaller pieces and delivered over a few days. People are much more likely to consume the content — which is your real goal.

Emails are also easier to consume because the content is all in the emails. When you download an eBook, you need to go back into your downloads and find the content. People are in their email every day, making it the best place to put your most valuable content.

Last week, I tested using ChatGPT to create an informational email course.

I’m going to share the prompts I used, and the unedited results GPT created. This certainly won’t be the best…



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