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Freelancers, Stop What You’re Doing and Raise Your Prices

Nick Nolan


If you’re a freelancer — or selling anything — getting the price right is never an easy task.

You want to lower your price as much as possible to attract more buyers, but you also need to make enough to cover your expenses and bills.

You’ve probably heard people tell you that you need to raise your prices before.

But have you done it? It’s one of those things that’s easy to hear and agree with, but hard to take action on. I get it — you don’t want to scare away potential customers.

I’m telling you that it’s time to raise your prices.

And, because I want you to actually do it and not charge the same prices for the next 3 years, I’m going to make it logical and easy for you to understand.

This advice is aimed toward people providing a service, but you can use the same principles if you’re selling products.

There are only 3 ways to make more money

Option 1 - Cut your expenses
Option 2 - Make more sales
Option 3 - Raise your prices

You need to decide which option is best for your business.

I think for the vast majority of businesses, raising prices is the easiest option. You don’t need to do any more work or hire more people. And you don’t need to reduce any expenses.

When you raise your prices, 3 things can happen

#1 - Your sales could remain the same
#2 - Your sales could increase
#3 - Your sales could decrease

Those are really the only 3 options.

Simple enough, right?

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What happens if your sales remain the same after you raise your prices?

You make more money! And you’re doing the same amount of work. Wouldn’t that be nice? All of your expenses remain the same, and you get more profit and better profit margins.



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