Grading 5 BFCM Landing Pages From My Inbox

Nick Nolan
5 min readNov 28, 2023
Image via Unsplash+ | @lishakov

My inbox has been overflowing with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

This morning, I started clicking on links to see what the landing pages looked like. I expected these pages to be on point. Americans spend billions of dollars, so this is the weekend to go all out.

Some were good, but most of the pages were underwhelming. They were missing key elements that increase conversion rates.

I graded 5 of the pages (A-F). Black Friday is over, so use these tips to improve your other landing pages, or save this for next year.

Grammarly: C

I use Grammarly nearly every day.

I love the product. I don’t love this landing page.

This screenshot shows you nearly the entire page:


Grammarly didn’t give me any reason to upgrade other than saving some money. This might work if I already decided I wanted to buy a Premium Plan.

There aren’t any benefits, features, pain points, big idea, or promises.

If I’m happy using the free account (which I am) they didn’t give me any reason to…



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