How I Created The Landing Page For My New Landing Page Course

Nick Nolan
7 min readOct 27, 2023
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I’ve been obsessed with landing pages this year.

A few weeks after creating my copywriting course, I knew the next course I wanted to create would be about landing pages.

It took a while to get clarity on the idea, but once I had it I got excited. I spent the next few days working on the landing page.

A landing page for a landing page course.

It had to be really awesome.

The final details are being worked out — the course isn’t set to open for a few more weeks. But I’ve got most of the landing page ready. I want to share how I created it.

1. I didn’t start with a blank page

Instead of starting with a blank page, I made a copy of the landing page for my copywriting course.

Author screenshots

My new course is completely different, but having some structure to fill in with new copy and screenshots is a lot easier than starting from nothing.

2. Inspiration

In addition to using my previous landing page as a guide, I started looking at the landing pages for other landing page courses.

I wanted to see what other course creators were highlighting and possibly missing on their landing pages.

My goal here wasn’t to copy what the competitors are doing. I need to do the opposite. My landing page needs to give people a reason to buy from me.

What are they going to get from my course that they won’t get from other courses?

My first stop was Eddie Shleyner’s Transformational Landing Pages.

The page is simple, and puts a big emphasis on reviews and social proof. There are 44 reviews without clicking on any scroll arrows or ‘load more’ buttons.



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