How To Find Search Intent Mismatches for More SEO Traffic

Easy SEO tip inspired by Gordon Ramsay

Nick Nolan


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I love finding new ways to spot potential for more website traffic.

Yesterday, I was looking at Gordon Ramsay’s website ( in Ahrefs. The website is fine, and probably gets ~80,000 visits from Google per month. Most of those visits are coming from people searching “Gordon Ramsay” or “Gordon Ramsey”.

I found some quick wins where Gordon could easily double or triple his SEO traffic.

Since the Chef probably won’t read this article, I’m going to share those tips and help you apply them to your website.

What we’re looking for is called search intent mismatch.

This strategy will help you do better keyword research, and help you find content ideas that your website can rank for quickly.

What is search intent?

Search intent is what people are looking for when they type their question or phrase into the Google search bar.

The clarity of search intent varies greatly. Sometimes the search intent is very clear — you know exactly what the searcher wants. Other times, it’s more of a guessing game.

For example, when you search “dog” in Google, there’s no clear search intent.

Some people are looking for photos and videos of dogs. Some people are looking to buy a dog. Other people want a definition of a dog.

Another person searches “why is my chihuahua not eating?”

That search intent is very clear. We know this person has a chihuahua that’s not eating and they want to figure out what might be wrong with them.

What is search intent mismatch?

Search intent mismatch is when the search results don’t match the search intent.

Let’s say you search for “6 month half marathon training program”. The search intent is you want a running program that will help you run a half marathon in 6 months.

If one of the search results is “6 Month Marathon Training Program” there’s a mismatch. You want to run a half marathon, not a full marathon.



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