How Your New Website Can Compete in Highly Competitive Niches

Nick Nolan
5 min readJul 20, 2022
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I see a lot of niche website owners and affiliate marketers avoid certain niches because they’re competitive.

Niches like pets, food, and finance are typically more profitable, which makes them more competitive.

That makes people find obscure niche ideas that they might not be interested in. When you’re picking a niche, the most important thing is to pick something you enjoy.

Building a profitable website requires a lot of research and dedication. Unless you have a big budget to outsource the content creation, you need to pick something that you can write about.

You’ll be more motivated to work and create better content, because you have experience and passion in that niche.

Your readers can tell when you’re writing about something you don’t care much about. If you’re just in it for the money, you’ll give up too quickly.

What happens if you find out that your niche is more competitive than you thought?

Should you run away from it?

What if you really enjoy writing about investing and personal finance?

How are you supposed to compete with Nerd Wallet?

It seems impossible, so you might decide to start a TV remote repair blog — even if that’s something you don’t care about. It’s better to get 1% of a million dollar pie than 90% of a $10,000 pie.

I’m going to share a strategy that makes it possible to compete in the most competitive blog niches. Even if you have a brand new website.

And if you try this you might discover that there’s much less competition because the high competition scared everyone else away.

Start with a more specific niche

Even though Nerd Wallet is a massive website with 1,000s of articles, they can’t possibly cover every topic.

There are hundreds of smaller topics that they haven’t touched. Or topics that they wrote 1 article about, but haven’t become an authority on yet. There could be 99 other articles that you could write about that smaller topic and take over.

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