I Created A Custom Landing Page GPT

Nick Nolan
5 min readNov 13, 2023
Image via Unsplash+ | @nediyodukenson

Last week, OpenAI announced that you can start creating custom GPTs. Basically, your custom GPT is tailored to a specific task.

Some examples that OpenAI shared are Laundry Buddy — an expert on removing stains, and Game Time — which explains board games in simple terms.

When ChatGPT plugins came out, I had high expectations and was left disappointed.

None of them did anything exceptional.

So, when I heard about creating a GPT, I was curious to try it out, but had low expectations. There’s no coding required, and all you need is a ChatGPT Plus account.

Since I just finished creating a landing page course, it made sense to create a GPT for landing pages. I also have a decent amount of informational articles published on the topic.

Creating a custom GPT

This part is quick and easy.

You go to chat.openai.com/create and fill in the info like the name of your GPT and description.


Then you upload your specific knowledge to it.



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