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I Had an AI Tool Rewrite One of My Articles

Here are the results.

I’ve experimented a few times with different artificial intelligence writing tools.

Some people love AI writing tools, but I’ve never been very impressed with them. If I wanted to take someone’s writing and slightly reword it, I’d rather do it myself.

Paying for an AI tool to steal someone else’s work, have the AI tool rewrite it and make it lower quality, and then edit it myself doesn’t make sense.

In my experience, everything that an AI tool has written needs to be heavily edited to get it how I want it, so it feels like a huge waste of time. Plus, I usually enjoy writing articles.

I decided to experiment and have an AI writing tool rephrase an article I wrote on Medium a few months ago.

I’m not going to edit any of it.

Most people that use AI understand that it needs to be retouched by a human.

I’m also crossing my fingers that Medium doesn’t flag this as plagiarism because I’m rewriting my own article. And to be safe, I’m unchecking to “meter my story” box so I won’t make any money from this one.

It also seems a bit scammy to make money from an article I didn’t write.

Here’s the original article:

And here’s how the AI tool rewrote it:

New title: Here are 6 insights from a raw, unedited podcast

I use to find myself listening to podcasts when I ran but eventually switched it up with music. Now, I end up listening to podcasts while driving, so ive listened to some pretty interesting episodes. To be honest ive listened to a ton of podcasts already.

Recently I made a short podcast for a class and that was frustrating. I’m terrible at podcasting because I don’t usually do one.

I found myself listening to a podcast that hadn’t gone through the editing process the other day. The surprise came because I mistakenly received an unedited version of it and not what was expected.

It was really hard to catch what they were saying- their speaking was punctuated with a lot of pauses and stutters.

It’s not the high-quality feedback I was expecting after listening to all these popular podcasts

Anyway, I tried making a blog out of it but during the whole process I was taking mental notes of helpful life lessons. It feels like life is an unedited podcast or a box of chocolates; you don’t know what you’re gonna get.

Here are my top takeaways:

1. You will mess up

I can’t imagine doing anything without making mistakes and continuously restarting. And life is a lot harder than recording a podcast.

Making mistakes is simply out of your control. But, what is in your control is how you react to the mistakes.

The guy who hosts this podcast is a professional as he creates podcasts weekly. However, the raw version of the podcast was full of pauses and mistakes. I guess that’s what happens with things like this.

Don’t let the social media posts that everyone’s lives are perfect, & they’re not tripping, falling down, or messing up fool you.

When faced with obstacles, successful people choose to learn from their mistakes and keep moving forward. If you don’t get back up after you fell, you’ve failed.

2. Stop trying so hard

We should always be willing to try different approaches when trying our best doesn’t produce results.

This is a simple solution and one that many people often do, but unfortunately they don’t even bother with it. Instead, they get angry and refuse to move forward no matter what.

Say the door at the front of a building is barred and the lock doesn’t show any signs of tampering. Instead of hunting for tools and spending time picking it, try going to the back or side door.

We have a hard time with this because we’re dealing with expectations. If the first door is closed, we become disappointed and try to open it immediately.

It can be easier to deal with a problem if you find a way around it, rather than try and go through it.

3. No one will see your mistakes

So that’s the best news you’ve heard all day, huh?

When we do something stupid, like things we shouldn’t have, the first and loudest thought is ‘what if other people find out?’.

Only the people who edit the podcast will hear how it sounds before we publish it.

It’s important to share your feelings with family & close friend and not keep everything inside. But at the same time, it’s to be expected that we’re going to make mistakes sometimes and that doesn’t need to be shared with everyone

We all make mistakes and learning from them can make our work stronger. Since we’re so fascinated by behind the scenes content, you can use your mistakes and mess-ups to connect with other people.

Showing yourself as a realistic person who’s just like everybody else can really help your followers relate to you.

4. Your audience is unaware of your efforts

If you ever feel unappreciated, know that you’re not alone. There are always aspects of your job that no one will appreciate or see.

You might see people as they work to fill your order, but don’t expect to see the whole process. Only 5% of what happens will be visible.

It’s important that these work behind the scenes efforts are of high quality and that they don’t get overlooked. It might not be seen, but it will affect customer satisfaction, profits and engagement levels.

Yeah, of course it’s normal to be a bit embarrassed when you do something really personal. But just know that no one will care if you spent hours editing your podcast today.

5. The product is a process

I think perfection isn’t something that can be achieved and will always remain an ambition. I see articles from a year ago that I wrote and frankly, some of it disgusts me.

“I have no idea how I could have written something terrible like this. What the heck was I doing?”

That said, I hope you feel good about the work you’ve done in the past and where you’ve come from. Hopefully, it’ll make it seem less intimidating to publish something that isn’t perfect.

It’s always better to start when you’re over the halfway point. If you want to wait until you’re “completely” ready, then it might be too late.

When I started my content creating business, I felt that I was only 10% ready. That may have come from failing a lot of times, but looking back now, it’s as if it were meant to be — and I would’ve started even sooner!

You can’t drive a car that is parked — you need to start moving, but also make adjustments. The best option to start with is to just go and make changes as you go.

6. The first draft is going to be a mess

This is true for anything you do. Editing a podcast as you go would take FOREVER with all the stops and starts.

You might not have time to do everything you’d like, but at least get the rough draft finished. You can go back later and polish it up.

If you’re writing a book, write the whole thing before worrying about editing. If you edit as you go along, I can guarantee that it won’t be finished.

It was tough at first. I didn’t have a plan for my business, I had only a handful of clients and no processes in place. For example, I didn’t know about how to get new clients or how to collect taxes or send invoices.

I don’t want to sound like I’m telling people what to do, but I knew that I needed to start working on something substantial. Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone and their circumstances, but it was time for me to take the plunge and stop wasting time trying to figure out if it was deep enough.

Well, what do you think?

I’m still not impressed by robot writing.

And I don’t have much confidence that it will get better, because robots can’t read like you and I do.

For this article, I used a free trial of Rytr.

In my opinion, most of this article is bad. I was also surprised that it made some grammar mistakes and wrote “ive” instead of “I’ve”. I’m sure it would be better if I went through and edited the sentences that don’t make sense.

If you’re a writer, this is good news. Chances are you won’t be replaced by a robot anytime soon.



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