I Redesigned Midjourney’s Awful New Homepage

Nick Nolan
6 min readNov 9

After waiting much too long, Midjourney finally launched a website.

For the past 18+ months, you could only use Midjourney via their Discord channel. I’m sure there’s a long list of technical reasons that made using Discord easier than building their own platform.

And the Discord channel has 16+ million users in it, so it’s been working.

There are some really good reasons why Midjourney needed to build a website. I’m not a fan of Discord — it’s an awful user experience. And Midjourney is missing out on tons of SEO traffic. ~200,000 people are searching “ai image generator” every month. Midjourney doesn’t show up in the search results because they don’t have a website.

I finally saw that they created a website — brilliant!

It’s about time.

Unfortunately, the website sucks. A solid 2/10 (my opinion).

I have no idea what they were thinking. But I went ahead and redesigned it.

Above the fold

The current above the fold section of the website is an animation of random tech-y looking letters rotating around a faint “Midjourney”.


It looks cool, but it doesn’t show you what Midjourney does.

You need to click on the tiny eye at the bottom of the page to see any images. I wonder how many people will see and click that…


There are 4 buttons: Documentation, Showcase, Join the Beta, Sign in.

The big idea of Midjourney is turning a text prompt into a beautiful image. That’s what the above the fold section should communicate.

Here’s the new above the fold I created:

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