I Redesigned Midjourney’s Awful New Homepage

Nick Nolan
6 min readNov 9, 2023

After waiting much too long, Midjourney finally launched a website.

For the past 18+ months, you could only use Midjourney via their Discord channel. I’m sure there’s a long list of technical reasons that made using Discord easier than building their own platform.

And the Discord channel has 16+ million users in it, so it’s been working.

There are some really good reasons why Midjourney needed to build a website. I’m not a fan of Discord — it’s an awful user experience. And Midjourney is missing out on tons of SEO traffic. ~200,000 people are searching “ai image generator” every month. Midjourney doesn’t show up in the search results because they don’t have a website.

I finally saw that they created a website — brilliant!

It’s about time.

Unfortunately, the website sucks. A solid 2/10 (my opinion).

I have no idea what they were thinking. But I went ahead and redesigned it.

Above the fold

The current above the fold section of the website is an animation of random tech-y looking letters rotating around a faint “Midjourney”.



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