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I Wrote 20 Social Media Post Frameworks You Can Steal

I’ve written thousands of social media posts.

Nick Nolan
5 min readMar 17, 2022


I’ve posted hundreds of times on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Once in a while, writing the content is easy. I get an idea and it’s ready to go in 5 minutes.

Other times, I’ve stared at a blank screen, patiently waiting for inspiration to show up.

If you want to build a following and influence, you’ll need to be posting multiple times every week. That’s a lot of work, so the easier you can make the content creation, the better.

Over the past few years, I’ve learned that starting from a blank page is hard. It makes your brain work a lot harder than necessary. If you give yourself an idea or framework to start with, it’s much easier to write out your post.

The same goes for building a website or writing a Medium article. If you have a formula and structure, creating requires much less thinking.

That doesn’t mean you’re stealing someone else’s work.

Using a framework or formula is not copying and pasting.

Instead, you look at the structure of the thing and insert your own thoughts and ideas into that structure. The boundaries of the framework don’t do the work for you, but they help you think straight.

Most people who are successful at creating great social media content are using some type of system or framework. And they’re usually saying the same 8–10 things using slightly different language.

So, here are 20 social media frameworks that will help you create more, better content. I use these for written content on Twitter and LinkedIn, but you can use them wherever you see fit.

1. [Bad thing] happened to me so I did [simple steps]


2. [Common thing] try [new thing] instead and get these results



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