Testing the Best ChatGPT Plugins

Nick Nolan
5 min readMay 18
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Note: This article is a work in progress. So far, I’ve only been able to test four plugins. Save this article to a list as it will be updated as more ChatGPT plugins are made available.

Update #1: I missed the fact that you can only have 3 plugins active at the same time. You can install unlimited plugins, but can only have 3 checked or active.

OpenAI has been rolling out plugins and the browsing feature to ChatGPT Plus subscribers this week. Everyone should have access to both features by May 19th.

Enable Beta settings

You’ll need to go to your setting to turn Plugins and Browsing:

I had browsing access a few days before plugins, but I got access today.

I tried the browsing briefly, but it was slow and seemed to fail every time. I’m sure the new system was overwhelmed by people like me testing it out. I was more interested in testing out the plugins.

So far, plugins are underwhelming.

I imagine that ChatGPT plugins of today are like the very first apps built for the iPhone back in 2007. I have no doubt that the plugin market will develop rapidly.

There’s a total of 86 plugins available, and 6 of them sounded interesting and useful. The two plugins that I was able to use worked better than I expected.

1. Yabble

Yabble is a plugin that helps you create surveys.

I started with this prompt:

I have a newsletter about how to use AI for marketing. Can you create a survey that I can send to my audience?

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