The Top 3 Marketing Cheat Codes I’ve Learned From Alex Hormozi

Nick Nolan
5 min readSep 1

If you’re reading this article, you’ve seen content from Alex Hormozi.

He’s got videos, podcasts, books, courses, and tweets all over the internet. Most of it is about growing and scaling businesses.

His first big success was Gym Launch — a growth system for local gyms.

The latest big success was launching his new book — $100M Leads.

I was more interested in how Hormozi marketed the book and less interested in the book itself. He managed to get hundreds of thousands of people to show up to a live book launch event. Probably the greatest book launch ever.

Here are three of the most valuable marketing lessons I’ve learned from watching and listening to Alex Hormozi.

Most people underestimate the necessary volume

The Quality vs Quantity argument has misled too many people online.

The first stupid thing about this is that you can do both. You can produce large quantities of high-quality content. Most of your favorite creators are doing this.

Quality vs Quantity is also frustrating because the more you create, the more practice you’re getting.

Guess what that means? You’re getting better and better!

More content leads to better content.

You don’t get good at writing tweets by spending a week writing one really good tweet. Your tweet writing skills will 10x when you spend a week writing 10+ tweets every day.

It’s far more important to focus on the quantity you’re producing because it will raise the quality. If you take the opposite route and focus on raising the quality, the quantity decreases, and the quality increases at a slower rate.

Hormozi suggests that most people don’t succeed with online marketing because they’re underestimating the quantity they need to produce.

He shares a story about how he put out 300 fliers around town. He calls his mentor to share the good news. His mentor explained that 300 fliers wasn’t going to work. And Alex didn’t need to do 2–3x more — he needed to do 50-100x more.

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