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This One-Person Design Agency Makes $130,000+ Per Month

And I’m copying his business plan

Nick Nolan
4 min readMar 26, 2022


Most designers are trying to make six figures a year — this guy is making that every month. And his clients are on a monthly subscription plan, so he’s not out hunting for new jobs.

Last week, this story popped up in my Twitter newsfeed.

I love reading success stories like this, and I’d just written this article about making $1,000,000 as a solopreneur. So, I can confirm that the Twitter algorithm knows what I like.

As I was thinking about the different possibilities of making 7-figures without a team, Brett’s story showed up. I started skimming through his tweets — he’s brand new to Twitter — and checked out his website:

Brett’s success didn’t happen overnight, but right now Designjoy is growing exponentially, and he just doubled his prices.

Even if you’re not a designer, you can learn from his success and apply some principles to your own business.


If you go back and look at the MRR for Designjoy, you’ll see that not much happened for the first 2–3 years. It took a long time to grow to a million dollars.

We can look at this story and believe we can experience similar results.

You could start something similar next week, but you won’t probably see similar results. What’s your reaction going to be when it’s month #4 and you’re earning $800/month and not $80,000?

Are you going to give up?

You could easily look at Designjoy, and every other success story and think they’re an overnight success. That’s not the case at all. It took years of hard work and patience to reach that great level of success.

Make a better offer

If you want to hire a designer, you usually have two options:

  1. Work with an agency.



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