31 Tweet Ideas You Can Steal to Start Posting Every Day

Nick Nolan
5 min readSep 9, 2022
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If you want to grow on Twitter — or any social media platform — you need to post.

A lot.

I’ve written articles explaining what it takes to grow an Instagram and Twitter account from scratch to thousands of followers. The strategies are simple, but they’re not easy.

You need to be posting great content all the time.

You need 100s of content ideas every month. And they all need to be valuable if you want people to click the follow button next to your name.

Using a framework is a great way to make more content faster and easier. You still need to insert your experience and knowledge, but the frameworks give you a place to start. These can help you organize your ideas.

Don’t use these for every tweet.

You still need to have some original, off-the-cuff content. The frameworks are here to help you get unstuck when you have nothing to say.

I’ll use copywriting as the example niche.

1. Quick [niche] hack


Quick copywriting hack:
Use the words your customers are using

2. [Niche] cheat code


Copywriting cheat code
Take walks outside without listening to anything.
The easiest way to find new ideas

3. Decent [niche] do X. Great [niche] do Y.


Decent copywriters: Write about benefits.
Great copywriters: Focus on the benefits the reader values the most.

4. The best [niche service providers] are X


The best copywriters are curious about things that most people overlook.

5. The best [niche service] are X


The best marketing emails are:
- Simple
- Funny
- Valuable

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