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Creating useful and inspiring content. Writing copy and fixing SEO for small businesses over at
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After 17 months I did it

I published my first story on Medium on May 23rd 2020. I was trying my best to replace the income I’d lost by writing, and I’d heard you could make a few hundred dollars a month on Medium.

I didn’t expect to earn anything…

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I don’t know anyone who learned SEO in college.

I learned SEO after a year of unsuccessful blogging. When I started writing online, I couldn’t tell you what SEO stood for.

I’d heard SEO mentioned here and there on podcasts, but I was clueless.

When I finally decided that learning…

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Insight from someone who “knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world.”

I’ve written a bunch of headlines that I thought were great. But the statistics prove otherwise. I’ve written a long list of terrible headlines that caused a great article to flop.

I think they’re good, but…

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You’re wrong. Money does buy happiness.

I saw this poll earlier this morning and it got me thinking. Does money buy happiness?

After 7,177 votes, it’s almost 50/50.

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I’ve been on Medium for 18 months and earned $11.44

I’ve also been a paying Medium member for at least a year, so I’m still in the negative.

I joined Medium on a whim. We were in full lockdown and I heard people were making thousands of dollars every month…

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This short book was written back in 1926, and it contains great financial wisdom that is just as applicable today.

I read this book earlier this year after seeing it recommended on Twitter. I read it in a few days and discovered some great financial wisdom. …

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but it probably won’t last long

I hear a lot of people say that Facebook is useless and everywhere else (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc.) is better. Especially for business purposes.

Back in the day (7 or 8 years ago) you could post something on Facebook and reach thousands of…

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Two things to avoid. One to do more.

My blogging journey started back in 2017. I was hesitant to start it because I didn’t want anyone to know I was a….blogger.

I thought the only people writing blogs were overly emotional stay-at-home moms.

Then I noticed a pastor I like…

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My top-performing article on Medium is over a year old and 99% of the traffic is coming from Google.

When I wrote the article, I didn’t do much to optimize it, mostly because I was still figuring out the ins and outs of SEO. …

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5 principles from a master advertiser

If you’re not familiar with him, David Ogilvy was a brilliant copywriter and advertiser. He worked in ad agencies from 1938–1973 and helped successfully launch 100+ products.

Ogilvy wrote ads for Rolls Royce, Zippo, and Dove.

Here are five principles that Ogilvy shares about…

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